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Atrium School


Website/Contact Information:

Atrium School
Private School for Homeschoolers (also known as an Umbrella or '600' school)

Phone: 561-496-3044


Atrium School exists to support and facilitate family based learning as an educational choice. Atrium School is a private school that offers three distinct programs so that families can select the level of support and guidance that's right for them.

Mission Statement:

Atrium School expsts to provide an educational environment that fosters a love of learning and high educational standards in a family-based setting.

Religious Affiliation:



Enrolls statewide in Florida.


Varies based on program selected.

Application Procedure and Requirements:

Click on the "enroll" button on our website to receive information about programs and fees and the necessary application forms.

Introduction/Welcome Message:

We believe that a love of learning is the greatest gift you can give your >children. Because we're home educators ourselves, we understand that there is no one right way to achieve high academic standards or to create a well-rounded education. What works for one child may not work for another. Each child - and family - is unique. That's why we've created a school that supports a learning environment where all children can thrive.

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