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Sweet Home Press


Sweet Home Press
Sweet Home Press

Website/Contact Information:

Sweet Home Press - Curriculum and aids for a lifestyle of learning

7736 Greenbrier RD
Joelton, TN 37080
Phone: 615-876-2980

Email: contact@sweethomepress.com

Company Mission:

We strengthen, equip and enable families to fulfill their God-given purpose by providing information and tools for training children and maturing young adults.


Sweet Home Press was launched in 2003 as a corporate umbrella for a family that loves to help others through writing.

Ordering Procedure:

Simply click the "Buy Now" button next to a product to open a shopping cart. Payment accepted online with PayPal, or mail check or money order. Orders shipped after payment is received.


All orders are sent via the U. S. Postal Service. You may request expedited shipping (additional costs apply). The normal charge for shipment is $2.50, regardless of the total bill or number of items.

Current Curriculum:

Curriculum to be released in 2004:

Geography - Take your family around the world with literature and activities. Have your passport stamped. Experience the sights, sounds and tastes of the world — it's the next best thing to being there!

Journalism - Your child, the news-hound, will learn how to deliver the news by publishing his or her own newsletter.

Non-Fiction Writing - Train your child to write for life. Write to a congressman, a business or Grandma. Write instructions. Write a plan. Be clear and effective.

Other Family Resources:

Sweet Home Press was launched in 2003 as a corporate umbrella for a family that loves to help others through writing. Derri writes from a passion for helping families train their children. Bethany is an accomplished young writer with the unique perspective of a successfully homeschooled child, having lived her early years in a non-American culture and with a love for children. Bill loves to write and enjoys using that skill to help others succeed. While everyone else writes, Amy cooks. And when Amy isn't cooking, she works on her first novel about noble people in an exciting time. Conversational topics at company meetings, held three times a day at the dining room table, often involve writing projects, word puns, recent books read, current events and how to maintain sanity with four computers in the house.

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