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How To Stock a Homeschool Library Inexpensively


A well-stocked library is a great addition to your homeschooling years, but how can we afford one? Here are some ideas of how to obtain books and curriculum inexpensively.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Varies

Here's How:

  1. Check yard sales for used books.
  2. Look at your local thrift stores often.
  3. Check your used book stores, but watch the prices.
  4. Go to book sales at your local library.
  5. Check online used books and curriculum sites, don't forget to figure in shipping.
  6. Go to auctions and swap meets.
  7. Watch book club flyers and catalogs like Scholastic Books and Christian Book Distributors.
  8. Attend local homeschool used book/curriculum sales.
  9. Check out warehouse/discount stores.
  10. Set up a swap circle with your homeschooling friends.


  1. Make an offer on the whole box of books at sales and resell the ones you don't want.
  2. Shop early for best selection; however, sometimes you'll get better deals at the end of a sale.
  3. If you order books online, request book rate, it is much cheaper.
  4. Take advantage of birthdays and Christmas to help stock your library.
  5. Have cash on hand when shopping and a list of books you are looking for.

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