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Enjoying Mathematics - Playing Math Games

Suggestions to help your children enjoy math and be better thinkers.


One way parents can be creative is to make good use of games. Games are not only educational, they also teach children many social skills. Children learn how to listen, to follow directions, to agree on rules, to take turns, to plan ahead and to act cooperatively. They also help to bring families together for fun, laughter and communication. Dale R. Reed

We played many math games during our homeschooling years. Some of our favorites are no longer in production. We loved to play Giant Dice and Math Mouse Games, but I don't think they're available any longer. There are many other options though. Check out my top picks for Money Math games, Electronic Numbers and Counting Toys and Online Math Games.

Here are suggestions of math games to play together:

Games from Aristoplay:

Jax Ltd. Games:

Creative Teaching Associates Games:

Family Pastimes Games:

The Making People Happy Games Co:

  • Krypto
  • Fraction Supplement
  • Primary Krypto

Other games and activities:

Other simple games are: Cards (War, Hearts, Rummy), Dominos, and Tri-Ominos (compare prices). Make up new rules for dominoes. There are many different ways of playing dominoes that you and your children can invent. It is very important that parents play the games with their children and multiple children can keep score to correct each other. Harder problems can be worked on a calculator but easier ones can be worked in the parents and children's head with older children using advanced scoring levels while younger children can help them and/or confirm some intermediate calculations.

Play calculating games with very young children but use: poker chips, playing cards, dominoes, cuisenaire rods, wood blocks, measuring cups, clocks, calendars, calculators, tape measures, puzzles and tangrams. We keep all of our toys in bins on shelving. Just cleaning the playroom requires sorting and classification. Sometimes we use the poker chips to count, but mostly we stack them in interesting patterns. Since they lock together they will stand in a tower. This makes them infinitely preferable to counting chips. For little kids, games like Candy Land and Cooties work to develop the skills they need--counting and sorting.

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