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Kathy Ceceri

Kathy Ceceri

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Kathy Ceceri began homeschooling her children over 15 years. Her goal as a home educator has always been to keep things interesting for her kids -- and herself. Her sons have successfully homeschooled from kindergarten to college, and she's now a lot smarter than when she started.

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Kathy is the author of numerous books of learning activities for kids and families. She was also the "Hands-On Learning" columnist for Home Education Magazine and has written parenting and educational articles for FamilyFun and Wired magazines and the bestselling Geek Dad series of books. Kathy was a Founding Editor of the Wired.com blog GeekMom and the first regular mom contributor to GeekDad.com. Her family's homeschooling "at-home science" blogs were featured in The New York Times and Chemical and Engineering News. She can often be found teaching STEAM programs at schools, libraries, museums, and Maker Faires around the country. And she is a regular member of the Parenting Roundabout podcast.

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Kathy holds a BA in English Literature from McGill University in Montreal and studied Illustration at Parsons School of Design.

By Kathy Ceceri:

When I began homeschooling I had no background or training in education. Thanks to the many helpful homeschool veterans I met and the wealth of resources available, I acquired the skills needed to help my own kids learn and grow into independent and productive young adults. Along the way, I became a passionate advocate for homeschooling and the benefits it can bring to many families and children.

Today I love talking to new or prospective homeschoolers and helping them find ways to make this lifestyle work for them. Homeschooling may not be for everyone, but for families who are interested and committed, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!

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