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"Homeschooling robs children"

By September 14, 2004

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"Mothers, get a life," says Margaret W. Boyce as she attacks homeschooling in a letter to the editor of the Holland Sentinel. She compares parents that "play school" to people who "play doctor" without a license.

Margaret W. Boyce says in her letter,
"What an ego trip for a parent -- to be all things to your children, to control every thought, every concept that enters their world. Is this education, or programming?"
Pondering the public school curriculum and its various agendas, I found the question about education or programming quite entertaining.

I agree with the About Homeschooling forum poster when she says, "This article is full of opinion and seriously lacking in facts. I'd say it's the writer that has the overgrown ego. She obviously thinks we as readers should just 'take her word on it.' She obviously knows very little about homeschooling..."

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April 7, 2007 at 1:05 pm
(1) Sprittibee says:

Oh, NO she di-n’t! :) *that was done with my best valley girl accent* She’ll change her tune in a few years when there are more people in the work-force who were homeschooled. Last night I took my son to the ER and the lady who did our intake was a homeschooled kid (all the way through school). She was the youngest nurse on the team. She graduated nursing school at 19. She was 20! She was so outgoing and fun. My kids loved her.

Not just that, but here in Arkansas, if the number of homeschoolers in this state were put into a “school district” per say, they would be in the top 10 by number of students. They make up a “school district” that would rival one of the larger cities in the state.

Homeschooling is not a fringe group anymore. Homeschool rocks!

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